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About Us

The chopped cheese sandwich was arguably born in an East Harlem bodega, with ground beef, and onions topped with melted cheese served with lettuce and tomatoes. It reflects the spirit and values of New York City, and the consumer can always rely on its availability, satisfaction, and overall value. It's time we shared that value with the rest of the world, starting with Hollywood.


The chopped cheese sandwich is synonymous with the New York bodega. There are approximately 13,000 bodegas that service New York neighborhoods, along with all of its colorful characters and the infamous bodega cat. Bodega is the Spanish word for storeroom, and the chances of being able to order a chopped cheese are very high. When you see a bodega, you trust that your signature sandwich is there, made to perfection at the price you know and love. The vibrant colors, the giant flat top grill, the aroma of grilled onions, and ingredients that you may not typically find in a California grocery store is everything New

York's Chopped Cheese stands for.

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